Schoolwide Learning Expectations

Students at St. Vincent de Paul School aspire to be:

1. Committed Catholics who:

  • have opportunities to experience a personal relationship with God
  • understand and can explain Catholic beliefs
  • live as Jesus taught us
  • realize that actions have consequences
  • can explain their successes, failures, and motives

2. Lifelong Learners who:

  • apply knowledge across all subject areas
  • appreciate and create music and art
  • incorporate technology into research and skill building
  • develop problem solving skills
  • work individually and as a group to meet challenges

3. Effective Communicators who:

  • listen actively
  • write legibly, logically, and correctly
  • speak clearly and confidently

4. Responsible, Globally Aware Citizens who:

  • respect all of God’s creation
  • understand and appreciate personal and cultural diversity
  • treat others with courtesy and respect
  • do what they can to help others