Portfolio SLE Reflections:

You have one assignment and reflection due for each SLE. By the time your portfolio is finished, most subjects will be represented in one of your SLEs. You may not use assignments from one subject for more than one reflection.

Choose an assignment that reflects what you have learned about a concept and/or yourself.

The assignment need not be your “proudest moment”. Our mistakes have much to teach us.

Use formatting guidelines as on the Formatting Essays tab.

*Introduce your reflection in an opening paragraph.

*In your next paragraph, describe the purpose of the assignment and what you learned by completing it. Make sure you support your ideas with specific examples from the lesson. For example, “I learned that the Trinity has three persons in one God.” is more descriptive than “I learned about God.” Reflect on the grade you received and why you earned the grade.

*In the third and fourth paragraphs, reflect on why you thought your chosen assignment is a good example of the particular SLE. How does it address the bulleted points under the given SLE? Again, support your statements with specific examples. For example, “This science assignment taught me that pollution impacts our environment. If I respect life in all its forms, I need to develop an awareness of how I dispose of waste.”

*Pull the reflection together with a summary paragraph.

Make sure you give this some thought. It will help you get to know yourself and your style of learning. You will give yourself credit for your accomplishments and will challenge yourself to develop skills in areas that need growth.



Minimum five paragraphs: The focus is to describe the service that you have given so far, describe what your service did for those who received it, and describe how your service has affected you.


* Opening paragraph

*Paragraph 2:   Examine the results of your learning styles surveys. Compare what the inventory results accurately assessed for your style strengths.

*Paragraph 3:   Contrast the two sets of results. Include a description of anything you disagreed with and why.

*Paragraph 4:   Describe the kinds of assignments you should choose to do based on your strengths and describe how you will approach assignments that challenge your “weaker” skills.

*Paragraph 5:   Summary/closing paragraph.